There is no need to look any further for a pet sitting company. This is the one. Professional and exceptional. Owner Hideyo Yamamoto has been helping us for over two years now with our 2 cats and has been 110% there for us and them. Recently, we left for a month-long vacation and could do so without worry because of the confidence we have in her. Writing testimonials isn’t something I do (in fact can’t think if I’ve ever done one), but I’m very happy to write one for Hideyo and Wags to Whiskers. I highly recommend her. By Paula Diepolder

This is, BY FAR, the best pet-sitting company I have ever used.  I am very picky about who cares for my pets – we have several dogs and cats, as we do rescue work – and From Wags to Whiskers far exceeds my expectations with every service.  They are thorough, caring, and very empathetic with all my animals different needs and behaviors.  Pricing is extremely competitive and worth every penny.  Highly recommend!  By Amy Miller

Hideyo Yamamoto, owner of From Wags to Whiskers, is by far the most exceptional pet sitter imaginable in New Mexico! Our family has been using her services for well over 6 years now. Hideyo is well-versed in animal care and training. She not only has taken exceptional care of our animals, but she was instrumental in helping us introduce our dog to our two older cats. Through her careful guidance, we were able to carefully and effectively establish a peaceful co-existence between the dog and cats that has long since endured. Hideyo was also incredibly supportive and helpful when our eldest cat began showing signs of organ shut-down. She helped us access the appropriate care at a time that was emotionally overwhelming for us and was physically present with us when our little one had to be put down. We are so grateful for Hideyo for everything she has done for us and our animals. We cannot recommend her highly enough!! She is EXACTLY who you want to care for your animals. By Shirley Heying

I could not imagine better care for my cats or my house! I have used From Wags to Whiskers maybe 30 times over the last few years. Hideyo will come over to meet your animals and find about them and your house. She is personally delightful, and a real expert on animal health and behavior. She is really nice with animals, and more observant than I am! The cats love her, and she took great care of my friend’s sick dog, too. Hideyo cared for my cat when she was so sick I almost cancelled a trip, giving her medicines, fluids and TLC. I was thrilled to see the cat so much better on my return. Mostly I have used her for cat sitting, and picking up the mail and a little watering. On longer trips, I have had her house sit as well. 100% reliable, and she makes sure you confirm you are back before she stops coming over, which helped me relax the couple of times my return was unexpectedly delayed. She reliably contacts me immediately if anything comes up with the house or animals while I am away. I feel so lucky to have access to this wonderful service, so I can leave home with absolute faith that everything is under control and my animals are safe and happy. By Jeff Dornbusch

“From Wags to Whiskers” is a top-notch dog and cat sitting service, arguably the best in Albuquerque. I recommend it without any reservations. Let me explain. Before relocating to this area from Tennessee in July 2013, a good friend came over twice a day to feed and spend time with my 16-year-old cat when I was on travel. When my friend was out of town, I did the same for her cat. We believed, based on prior negative experiences boarding our pets, that cats were most comfortable and secure when left in their own home and cared for on a regular schedule by someone they knew and liked. This mutual pet-sitting arrangement worked beautifully in keeping our cats calm, happy, and anxiety-free. When I arrived in Albuquerque, where I knew virtually no one, I was not optimistic about finding a pet-sitter who would provide the same level of reassuring familiarity, consistent care, and quality time spent with my cat. Initially, I called two different pet-sitting services that had posted fliers in my neighborhood but only reached answering machines. No one responded to my voice messages. Then I searched the Internet for pet sitters, and eliminated many individuals with less than convincing credentials. Thankfully, I finally discovered the “From Wags to Whiskers” website.  This service seemed to provide exactly the kind of pet care I was trying to replicate from my past arrangement. Even better, the pet sitters seemed trained and qualified to recognize and react to symptoms of illness in pets, provide pills and shots already prescribed, and even ensure a pet is seen by a veterinarian in an emergency.  Additional appealing benefits included daily updates sent to the pet owner and several measures to ensure home security in the owner’s absence. I decided to try it. My email inquiry received an immediate response from Hideyo Yamamoto, who called to schedule a preliminary visit with my cat and familiarize herself with his environment, diet, health issues, and special needs. As soon as Hideyo entered the house, she sat down on the carpet and let my cat approach her. She simply held out her hand to him to investigate, but didn’t initially try to pet him. Her calm demeanor and nonthreatening posture made him feel comfortable and he warmed to Hideyo almost immediately. For my part, I was reassured not only by Hideyo’s instinct and compassion, but also by her formal education and obvious intelligence. In the hour or more we spent discussing my cat, Hideyo asked many intelligent questions to ensure she went away with as much pertinent information as possible. Because I didn’t know any vets here yet, Hideyo assured me that she worked with two vets who would provide emergency care.  She also inquired about my preferences for closing blinds and leaving lights on in the evenings for home security. Finally, she got my contact information and picked up the keys. Since then I’ve been on two lengthy trips during which Hideyo has taken wonderful care of my cat. As promised on the website, Hideyo sent daily updates and photos of the cat, who looked incredibly relaxed and happy. It was very clear my cat had fallen in love with her and she with him. Once when she spotted a potential health issue, Hideyo alerted me so I could keep an eye on it when I returned.  Best of all, both times when I got home, my cat was very glad to see me, and in no way stressed out, angry or vengeful because I’d been away.  I have Hideyo to thank for keeping him healthy and happy. I look forward to using this service for years to come.  by John Getshi

This is a wonderful pet sitting service.   Hideyo is extremely caring, and takes care of my animals as well as I do.   I have used pet sitters for 20+ years, and by far From Wags to Whiskers is the best one. Hideyo is also very intelligent and can handle any emergency pet situation, and has a very hard work ethic. I am very lucky to have found this service, and do not worry about my pets when I travel for business. By S Gugliotta

My partner David first began using Hideyo’s services in August 2007 to care for his two cats. He was so pleased with her services that he continued having her care for his two cats every time he traveled, which was about 4 to 5 times per year. Both of his cats fell in love with Hideyo and LOVED having her check on them. Even our black cat, Lancelot, who was a feral cat, warmed right up to her and loves her to this very day. He rarely likes anyone other than David or myself since he is very nervous around strangers and mostly hides in the closet when anyone visits.

My dog Chiva (a nervous blue heeler mix) and I came into the household in 2009. Hideyo actually coached us on how to bring David’s two cats and my dog together so that they would live in harmony in the house. She was so knowledgeable and with her help, we actually had no problems integrating the animals even though Chiva HATES other cats. Without her coaching and support, it could have been disastrous, but Hideyo’s in-depth knowledge was key to the success of bringing these critters together successfully.

Once we all were living under one roof, any time that we would travel we would have Hideyo check on the cats once a day and would board my dog with her at her house. It is a GREAT arrangement and I completely, 100% trust the Hideyo with the animals and the house, etc. Hideyo is great about sending text messages to keep us updated and when one of our cats began to have kidney failure, Hideyo administered hydration fluid and taught us how to do that as well. She even helped us get hydration fluid supplies so that we wouldn’t have to take the cat to the vet every day (something that the cat would have hated). I feel completely at ease when Hideyo is watching our pets! And our pets LOVE her. It is fun to watch their interaction with her. In fact, I am kind of jealous that our black cat is so smitten with Hideyo and not just me! : )

The best possible example I can give you of how incredibly wonderful Hideyo is in her service to animals involved a trip this summer. In August, we traveled to Minnesota to see family. Our cat Sasha, who was experiencing kidney problems, became very ill shortly after we left even though she did not show any signs of major illness before we left the house. Hideyo went to our house (in Placitas no less) shortly after we left and after realizing something wasn’t right with Sasha, Hideyo spent HOURS with her (she normally stays 1-2 hours a day with the cats when we are gone). Hideyo called us immediately and began administering hydration fluid and doing everything to make Sasha comfortable. She then kept calling us on the hour every hour to give us updates because Hideyo had a hunch something just was not right. In the end, David cut his trip early to fly home to be with Sasha (who was his cat for 18 years) because Hideyo recognized that Sasha was in a serious condition. While David was on his way home, Hideyo stayed at our house and slept on the floor next to Sasha! Hideyo kept a close eye on her and never charged us a cent for all the extra time she spent with Sasha. Hideyo stayed with Sasha until David got to the house and then stuck around some more to give David moral support. Hideyo also helped David administer fluids to Sasha and when things turned for the worst, Hideyo got an emergency appointment for Sasha with her own vet in Albuquerque. In the end, David had to put Sasha down because her kidney disease was too far advanced. Hideyo was right there to help David grieve as she, herself, absolutely wept major tears as well. Hideyo was so comforting and kept reassuring David that he made the right decision to have Sasha put down. Hideyo went well above and beyond in this situation.
What she did for us and Sasha was so astounding that I feel I just don’t have the words to convey our gratitude. And it was absolutely clear that Hideyo truly loved Sasha as much as we did and was not just a “pet sitter.” We appreciated that so much and I would trust her with any animal. She truly loves and cares for our pets. As a result, there is not question about pet sitting services for us. We ALWAYS have Hideyo take care of our pets when we are gone.

Our most recent trip was in mid-October. Hideyo came to the house once a day every day to check on our remaining cat and our dog Chiva stayed with her at her house. The first text message I received from Hideyo when she first got to our house when we were gone stated, “I miss Sasha so much. It’s just not the same without her. Lancelot is doing well!” Hideyo is amazing and so genuinely caring!

We have two more trips coming up for the holidays. We’ll ask Hideyo watch the animals for both trips. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend Hideyo’s services. I hope this email has been helpful and please feel free to write with more questions you may have. I am more than happy to talk about how wonderful Hideyo is! Shirley Heying