Fireworks & Thunder – Noise Phobias

Pet safety tips for making it through fireworks and thunder and other loud noise

Fireworks aren’t just for the 4th of July anymore. We have them to celebrate New Year’s Eve, amusement park shows, and baseball games. Same with thunderstorms, while more common in spring and summer, they can happen all year round. Here are resources to learn more about fireworks and thunder problems in pets (loud noise phobias) and how to keep your pet safe and sane when the volume ramps up.

Pets, Thunderstorms and Fireworks

As many pet lovers know, fireworks and thunder storms can cause a great deal of stress for some animals. Fear of loud sounds – fireworks, thunder, gunshot – are called noise phobias. For a pet affected by loud noises, this is a terrifying and uncomfortable time; both for the pet and the people. Your pet cannot control their reaction to loud noises, and may run away or severely injury themself trying to “escape” the loud noise.

Learn more about this condition, tips for helping your pet at home, and available medical therapies available if your pet has severe anxiety and stress from thunderstorms and fireworks.

Fireworks and Thunder – Tips for Coping

How dogs and cats react to loud noises varies widely. Some animals seem unaffected, others will jump through glass windows in terror. For animals that are afraid of loud noises, they can’t help it, and the effect often multiplies if left untreated. What works for one pet may not work for another.

Here are some things to try to help reduce loud noise phobias. For extreme cases, please see your veterinarian – there are safe and effective medications to help with loud noise phobias.