Why Us

What is a Pet Sitter? A pet sitter is hired to take care of your pet(s), usually in the comfort of their home. From Wags to Whiskers provides personalized at-home pet care so that:

  • your companion animal family member is happy and comfy staying in a familiar, secure environment;
  • so that you don’t have to impose friends, neighbors or relatives, who may not have proper pet-care experience or the time to give your pets the attention they crave . . . especially when they’re missing their owner.

The solution? A professional, qualified and caring pet sitter.

Neal and MeMe

What does this do for your furry friend? Our pet sitters offer patience, time, experience and lots of love. Under our care in your home, your pets will be protected illness that exposure to other animals may cause; they will remain on the same healthy diet that you’ve placed them on; and possibly most importantly, they will experience the same daily routine, reducing the stress and anxiety that can occur in noisy, unfamiliar surroundings such as boarding kennels. We will follow your routine as closely as possible, including feeding & watering, exercising & playing, administering any necessary medication . . . and giving lots of hugs. What does this do for you? Knowing your pet secure, comfortable and happy will give you peace-of-mind while you are away at work or on a week-long vacation. We will also keep an eye on your home, collect your mail, water your plants, open and close curtains and anything else you’d like to make your home appear “lived-in” while you’re away.

What is a Pet Nanny? Our pet nanny service is a more comprehensive service . . . and it is our specialty! We partner with you to take care of your companion animal on a regular, on-going basis, giving extra care and attention for a pet with a medical and/or behavioral condition. There’s nothing more difficult than a ‘career or schedule that keeps you away from your companion animal that requires some special attention, such as an insulin shot at a particular time every day. A From Wags to Whiskers’ pet nanny will visit your home and check/monitor your pet’s glucose level to make sure you are not giving too much or too little insulin, which can be fatal. This in-home service may save you a trip to the vet and can keep your pet stress-free . . . no pet likes the vet!
We also offer behavioral consulting so that we can help you develop a long-lasting, rewarding relationship with your companion animals. Like humans, your pets require and crave your respect, attention and love.
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