Albuquerque’s best pet sitters/pet sitting services, From Wags to Whiskers offers professional pet sitters/pet sitting services for your dogs, cats and any other companion animals as well as dog walking services in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, NM.

Our Mission Statement

Promote welfare of ALL animals and raise the standards of the pet sitting/pet care services by example. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care to both our human and companion animal clients.

It’s a very challenging time for all of us right now, especially for small business owners and employees including myself. We not only are facing serious health concerns but are facing unprecedented financial challenges which could last indefinitely. Please be strong and don’t lose hope even at your worst situation. We will get through this together. Be safe and well.

Why and who should choose us?

I don’t travel because I’m nervous about trusting others to properly care for my animals; I’m very demanding and particular about how my pets are cared for; and I have many instructions for their proper care.

If you’re demanding like me, and you need someone who will care for your companion animal, please contact us! We are here for people like you who are not willing to take a chance with just anyone or any pet sitter. We will PERSONALLY make sure that your companion animal receives the BEST QUALITY of care possible at a very reasonable cost.

Why am I doing this?

For the last 22 years, I have spent countless hours taking care of many abandoned, abused, neglected, injured or forgotten animals in the Albuquerque area. There have been many sad stories, and many more happy ones about these four-legged friends I have encountered throughout my life.

I worked as a marketing analyst and strategist for a well-established company in Albuquerque for 10 years prior to starting my own pet sitting business. Because of my dedicated animal-rescue effort, sometimes it was challenging to balance my professional career and my passion and responsibility to care for animals. I left the company and decided to start a business helping people in similar situations: they love their companion animals, but just can’t do everything they want/need to do because of other demands. My job is to be there when you can’t, so you can continue to make a life-time commitment to your companion animals.

There are so many loving and precious lives killed every day. It’s heartbreaking to think about all those animals brought to shelters every day by their owners . . . simply because the owner has decided to move and leave their beloved pets behind.

My dream is to build a sanctuary for animals who no longer have a place to live. Innocent lives don’t have to be destroyed because of irresponsibility…they deserve a chance for a full and happy life.

From Wags to Whiskers is the first step. By providing services to you and your companion animals, we can begin to build a foundation and raise money for a sanctuary for our four-legged friends.

Please review our Pet Services & Rates for additional information. We will gladly customize a service plan to meet the needs of you and your companion animal, so please contact us at your convenience.